Resort Recovery Solutions, LLC.
                                                                                                                                               "The Professionals Choice"

We collect account world wide

** We have a multi-lingual staff for
worldwide collections.

** We collect from the United States to the
United Kingdom.

We understand developers.  We understand members.  We
understand priorities.

**Maximizing delinquent receivable recovery
**Emphasis on customer service
**Working through member issues to reinstate or settle accounts
**Working with our clients to achieve high recovery rates.
**On-time reporting and constant communication with our
**Honest hard work,each day, every day.

"The Professionals Choice"


                          A Note From the President

"All of us at Resort Recovery Solutions are dedicated to coming in
early, working hard and leaving late.  Our goals are simple - give
the best service to our clients by giving the best service to their
members,  We work hard at determining the cause of the situation
and working with the debtor to achieve mutual satisfaction
regarding their particular situation.  Each member has a different
reason for being assigned to our office and we work hard at finding
a 'solution to the problem' without conflict or tension.  This is
what makes us stand above our competition and deliver the best
results in the Industry".

              I would like to Thank You for your interest.
                                                                      Dave Danneberg